Starburst is one of the biggest and most popular online video slots from Net Entertainment, you will love the entire look that this video slot has with mesmerizing symbols and an amazing bonus feature to play. You will find that at many NetEnt Online Casinos they offer the Starburst game in their free spins offer, this is great because it is a really fun game and it can give out some massive wins with the unique bonus feature you can play. Starburst is a 5 reel video slot offering ten bet lines. You will also find that the Starburst slot has the win both ways feature, this is fantastic and makes the game much more popular with players that come online. The win both ways feature means that instead of only being able to win from leftmost to right, you can also create a winning line from rightmost to left. So this opens up many more chances of getting a win line and this means that you can be on your way to much bigger wins, Starburst is a game that is packed with different bonuses and like the Twin Spin slot it will show you a much more unique way of playing. You will be able to play the Starburst game at many online casinos that offer the Net Entertainment software, this is because many players do enjoy all that it has to offer. And it has one of the best bonus features that you need in a game, many players do chose an online slot game because of the bonus features that are available and in the Starburst game you definitely get what you are looking for. Taking a very unique style and showing you exactly how exciting playing online can be, the Starburst video slot from NetEnt is a great game for any player looking for that exciting online experience.

Bonus Features

The bonus feature in the Starburst video slot is one of the best, with the bright colours that the game already offers you will love the kick that the bonus feature creates. So the bonus feature in this slot is the Starburst wild, this is a random feature that will activate itself, in order to get this bonus game to kick of you will need to see the Starburst wild in either reels 1, 2 or 3. When the wild does appear in one of these reels it will spread out over the symbols and will create a re-spin, the re-spin will be free and if you happen to get another Starburst wild then the same will happen with your first wild staying in it’s position. The great thing about this bonus is the atmosphere it creates, you will hear the sounds of the game get much more intense and exciting, this will make you want to play the video slot more and more. Now you will not find any additional bonus features in this slot, other than the Starburst wild and the win both ways feature. The answer as to why they do this is simple, when you play the bonus features of the Starburst slot at a NetEnt Online Casino you will see that it is all of the best bonuses combined. You will have your well loved wild symbol that will substitute for all other symbols in the game, and in addition to that you have your free spins and the win both ways. So you are getting everything exciting all ion one game, and this is why so many players want to join in everything that this fantastic Net Entertainment slot has to offer.

The Quality Of Starburst

The Starburst video slot has some amazing quality to it, from the symbols that you see in the reels to the way that they spin. It is a very attractive online slot and will show you a great and exciting game to play. You will be able to select the quick spin feature in this slot, this is great for the adrenalin players that want a fast and exciting slot, but this is an option so if you want to just play for some great entertainment then you don’t need to choose this option. You will see some amazing symbols in this video slot, with an outer space background and beautiful jewels that sparkle it really is a stunning game. Many players enjoy all of the quality that the Starburst game has to offer, it is a game that will show you full entertainment for a much better online experience. So if you are ever playing at a NetEnt Online Casino be sure to check out the Starburst video slot, you will get a brilliant experience and you will have plenty of fun with this brilliant video slot. Showing you that you can win big and have a very entertaining time while doing so, making Starburst one of the biggest games from Net Entertainment.